Additional coverage availability varies by location and property type. 看到 计划协议 for coverage details, including service fees, limitations and exclusions. Coverage limits and charges for non-covered items may apply. 


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ShieldSilver covers 14 of your home’s major critical systems including 加热 and 冷却, 电, 和管道. Shield Silver does not cover your appliances or roof leak repairs.

If you aren’t interested in upgrading 计划s to ShieldGold or ShieldPlatinum, some coverages like Roof Leak Repair are available as add-ons to the SheildSilver 计划.

To explore the difference between ShieldSilver, ShieldGold and ShieldPlatinum, see our 计划 Comparison page.

唯有通过 does not require you to pay annual fees upfront and does not have additional fees for you to pay monthly. We keep your home up and running, and your budget on track !

With the ShieldSilver 计划, 这是50美元,000 aggregate limit, and we never limit the number of service requests you can make! *See 计划 contract

加热 and Air Conditioning systems will have a maximum coverage limit of $5,000 per system per agreement term.

Some exceptions to know about when you comparison shop

● For geothermal, water source or glycol AC and Heat systems, your coverage cap is $1,500.

● If plumbing or ductwork is only accessible through concrete we cover up to $1,000 each (one cap for plumbing, and one cap for ductwork) for that work (including access and returning the space to a rough finish when we’re done).

● Refrigerant is covered up to $10/lb. So for example – if you needed 5 lbs. of refrigerant that cost $60/lb., the total cost will be $300. 唯有通过 will pay $50, and you cover the remainder. If you’re interested in unlimited refrigerant coverage, check out our Shield Platinum 计划.

● Coverage is not included for additional modifications, corrections of code violations, or permits needed for covered repairs. If you’re interested in modification or permit coverage, check out our Shield Platinum 计划.

See our sample contract.

We communicate throughout your service request to keep you updated on coverage decisions before work is completed. For work completed that exceeds your coverage, you pay 唯有通过 the remainder.

You get a say if you don’t want us to complete the repair if it isn’t covered - you don’t have to track multiple bills from Pros – we handle it for you

An 唯有通过 customer service representative can help you answer any questions you might have related to the coverage. 呼叫 888.682.1043.

ShieldSilver prices vary depending on your states and property type – coverage for a four-plex is more than for a single family home for example – so you know you’re getting the best deal for your needs. That’s why we need your address to show accurate prices. ShieldGold is always priced above the ShieldSilver 计划 – bringing you value with all 9 kitchen and laundry appliances covered.

You can pick your price for ShieldSilver by customizing your Service Fee. Paying more for each service request lowers your monthly contract cost or with a higher monthly contract price, you can pay less for each service.

To get your personalized quote, 现在的商店计划.

Your effective contract date begins 30 days after your order is placed. When you buy online, the date your 计划 starts shows on the confirmation page and in your email confirmation!

We don’t charge you until your coverage starts, but you can still set up your customer MyAccount to keep your service history organized, and access maintenance services and member benefits.

You may also request a delayed start date by contacting us 888.682.1043.



is our most comprehensive coverage for parts of systems, appliances, roof leaks, and more.


protects parts of crucial systems, as well as the appliances you use every day.
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New Jersey Residents: The product being offered is a service contract and is separate and distinct from any product or service warranty which may be provided by the home builder or manufacturer.